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Identity is the central theme of this second westerns and eighth film of the great film director.

In the united states just emerging from civil war, the distrust towards everything and everyone reigns supreme, despite our characters try in a lot of ways to assert their identity by showing...

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Iñárritu's film is a pleasure for the eyes, however, the story too linear and simple, In the long run, bores the viewer.

The miraculous healingd and repetition shots with muzzleloader firearms, for sure don't help to make the whole thing more credible.

Something in between...

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A story, between reality and daydreams, about the impossibility of being normal.

The marginalization, diseases and deformities, transform both the body and the world into a prison from which the mind and the soul (at least for those who believe in its existence) can not escape.


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A simple and cold direction, tells us about the corruption, the abuse of power and the brutalization of the people in the present Russia.

Wherever we see desolate and sterile landscapes, though full of charm, reflecting the cold desert interior of the characters.

A brave (literally...

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Essentially a useless movie, especially when compared to other good films with the same setting (submarine).

The script is a bit childish and lacking in many parts, starting from one of the first remarks, "I worked on submarines for thirty years"

(was you five years old when you...

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A good family man turns into a bloodthirsty monster. The story is simple but the result is quite compelling. Unfortunately, towards the end, are introduced some clichés now seen too many times in horror movies.

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Formally a noir with an intricated plot, but essentially a meditation about the ending of a subculture (Hippie), which clashes with that of the American dream and comes out inevitably defeated.

Excellent performance of the good Joaquin Phoenix, and amazing costumes and scenery. Just like...

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A sci-fi movie with elements of horror and thriller, whose main message is the anti-communist propaganda. It is very disturbing and compelling, especially considering his age and the absence of special effects.

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The greek tragedy of Woody. A very simple story but enriched with jokes and gags of all kinds. You'll have fun.

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This looks a lot like a theatrical work and the narration is not very linear but shows some significant episodes of the life of the great philosopher, to finally arrive at the trial and death.
This movie, certainly does not describe in detail his thoughts, but what is important is that it...

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