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“Heimat” is the first part of the trilogy of the filmmaker Edgar Reitz (Heimat II and Heimat III followed later).

Although  “Heimat” ( A Chronicle of Germany – Heimat I) lasts almost 15 hours and no one wouldn’t be encouraged to watch it, even it is divided in several episodes, this work...

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“Mamma Roma” is a mix of formal audacity, unexpected candour and heart-breaking compassion, the result is a work of disarming beauty.

Anna Magnani is the only professional actress, but her charismatic and incisive acting perfectly balances the lack of professional actors.


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A swallen river of minds, fears, nightmares, “Synecdoche” is a theatrical “mis en scene” of the human existence ...
A movie that remind us of the sense of life throught a unique experience, never trivial and deeply introspective.
What if we realize to not be the director of our life...

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Probably, this is one of the most difficult movies to analyze.

The filmmaker Antonioni succeed in depicting the extent of a woman fo find an equilibrium in relationships with people and the environment in which she lives.

“The Eclipse” get the viewer “lost” in a material world,...

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Unless considering the movie just a sensory experience, film starts compelling the viewer’s attention and increasing expectations that will be gradually disappointed, so that the movie never “takes off”.

Repetitive music and some interesting special effects reminds 2001 Odyssey and add to...

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A "must see" film

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With disarming simplicity and distanced approach, this is a detailed reconstruction of the most famous robbery that took place in Norway, it’s based on real events and on witnesses statements, on security camera recordings and police reports.

Although it is so adherent to the events, it...

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Not exactly a theatrical performance and neither a movie on a theatrical masterpiece, “Venus in Fur” certainly breaks the mold; so that don’t imagine just a sexual roleplay or something trasgressive in a elegant vest…. nothing of this.

There are only two main characters involved in a...

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It's not just a story of guns and train robberies but rather a film about the psychological relationship between the most famous outlaw and his assassin; the use of a revealing narrator and a good photography compell the viewer’s attention on this central aspect till the final scene where the...

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An embarrassing sample of sci-fi movie produced just for showing the actress’s catsuit: acting and dialogues are very poor and disapponting.

It’s definitely a waste of time and of money, it doesn’t worth.

Don’t watch it.

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