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A true story based on the Jonestown massacre (French Guyana).

Plot pays so much attention to the "big suicide" neglecting many other aspects and making the movie quite predictable.

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Is it an ambitious movie about the future scenario of the cinema or just a prediction about technology and identity or both of them?

The filmmaker Ari Folman already famous for “Waltz with Bashir” lets audience astonished jumping among action live scenes and animation.

It’s not...

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One of the most bizarre and enigmatic movie directed by Leos Carax. It is an astonishing mix of audacity, energy, creativity, originality, colours and shapes that leave the viewer breathless.

Plot seems to be arranged in different stories but would be futile to try to link them, or find a...

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Nice to watch, it’s not the usual sci-fi movie I expected.

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Movie tells about a young girl living in the poverty in the former Soviet Union.

Despite a general good acting of the actors, director seems to force some aspects too much, spoiling definitely the final result.

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At the same time, this film is very simple and powerful in expressing very complicated feelings with few words.

The spectator is immediately involved in the main character’s relationships and in the general environment, tendentially hostile towards them .

Despite Ali and Emmi are...

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Despite criticisms for being boring and rather hard to comprehend, this film remains one of the most magnificent Kubrick’s masterpieces.

Based on a Arthur Clarke’s novel “The Sentinel”, the plot is composed by four episodes that tell about the encounter between primordial apes and a...

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