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A documentary not necessarily shows the truth, sometimes directors can manipulate facts and statistics to subvert  the reality, just for making entertainment or capturing the viewer’s sympathy.

For sure, the Italian episode is quite far from the actual situation in the country even ...

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What happened after the falling of Argentininan dictatorship?

People who worked in the Secret Services became unemployed and tried to continue their job as they could.

Based on the true story of the Puccio family who used kidnapping rich people in order to obtain huge ransomes, the...

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... not so bad, it's a good movie to spend one hour...

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A wonderful duel that vaguely reminds a spaghetti western: the Emma Dante's film-debut is definitely well built, everything revolves literally around two women that fight for a narrow alley that is not so narrow as they believed.

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"It is only when I sense the end of things,/ that I find the courage to speak/ the courage, but not the words" 

This simple sentence ends the documentary revealing the purpose of it.

A nostalgic and beautiful shot of a small village that is gently dying. 



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Not bad, even it's a little bit exasperated in some aspects... Di Caprio could hope in one Oscar nomination.

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The saga continues in a nostalgic way never neglecting the audience's  expectations.

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The “Russian Ark”, the masterpiece directed by Alexander Sokurov, is a single long sequence that depicts three centuries of Russian history in a remarkable manner.


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An apparently depressing aesthetic hides the recurring brutal Lanthimos’s directing style where roles are intentionally flat and disturbing.

Metaphorically speaking, Alps and Dogtooth show the same cutting edges in a reverse way, letting the viewer disoriented; both of them analyze the...

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Quite predictable but not too bad

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