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Abel Ferrara is clearly devoted to Pasolini but he’s too much audacious in making a film in Italy where the deceased Italian filmmaker was so well known and revered.

If you already know the subject of this movie, probably you will be disappointed.

Actually, it’s quite difficult get...

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Just few words to describe a beautiful character: disarming, fragile, sweet but not exaggerated.

“Frances Ha” leaves a little imprint as the symbol of a generation in search of identity.

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“Adam’s Apples” is a black comedy directed by A. T. Jensen.

Movie describes in a very cynical way the main characters continuously moving the boundary between the good and the evil and turning very depressing aspects of life into hilarious scenes.


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Personally speaking, this movie is quite boring, predictable, “flat”, plenty of dialogues that don’t add value, so totally far from the Kim Ki Duk’s directing style;  this work is empty of all the artistic and innovative aspects we got used previously.

For these reasons “One on One” is...

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“Dear Diary” is a simple and a sincere movie that looks inside the filmmaker’s mind in a tender way without filtering at all.

According to many critics, Moretti ’s appreciated in Italy as Woody Allen is in his country, many people say that his film are quite similar, but honestly speaking...

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Not so bad

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“Naked” is maybe the Britain most  under-rated movie.

At first look, the film is quite strange because it seems to be just a long monologue starring Johnny, the main character.

Despite this strong and intrusive presence, Johnny is a fatalist, a nihilist and a bully at same time, he...

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A very "old-fashioned" silent sci-fi movie released in 1924 and directed by a Russian filmmaker: Yakov Protazanov.

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Hard to be a God but also it’s hard to be the spectator (quoting U. Eco).

This film is like a punch in the stomach, it’s plenty of disgusting scenes and simply frustrating for whom those seeking conventional story-development; the vision is frequently obstructed by all manner of stuff...

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