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A team of the army on a planet colonized Mars and livable is sent to the prison of 'State' in order to transport the prisoner to court and murder suspect James 'Desolation' Williams (Ice Cube). The team of military (Natasha Henstridge, Jason Statham, Pam Grier, Clea Duvall and Liam Waite)...

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Another great film by Miyazaki that gives life to troll totoro, and only children can see.
Poetry reigns in every movie and image of this master of Japanese.
The father of two beautiful girls, who blindly believes the fact that the two daughters have seen in the new home of the little...

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Only poor...

I found the movie somewhat overrated.
The screenplay is weak and a little...

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We are in the presence of a good sci-fi movies, old style that prevail...

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Addictive action thriller, typically 80s style, music and environment. The combination of...

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Not bad, you could do much better from a screenplay good the soundtrack is the special effects...

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I will be brief: as boring as the first movie nothing in particular ...

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Party with great expectations and hopes views at the reviews it seems enthusiastic about this latest...

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Think of this film as usual meatloaf denotes a completely different surface. That it may please or not can be debated, but it certainly is not trivial. Certainly the construction of the narrative and "painterly" intentionally modeled a desire for simplicity almost childish, but then again it is...

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Fantastic (in all senses), very underrated!

Despite this film is known for a certain appearance rather kitsch, given the low cost of the film, it is a very clever film, written and directed by a director who has a very acute and universal reality. It makes you understand many things! Must...

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