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Q: What is MovieAddicted?

A: MovieAddicted is an independent social and information resource for all movie fans. The aim of this website is sharing with other movie enthusiasts: reviews, ideas, contents and all that concerns the world of cinema.

Q: How do I register to the site?

A: Registration to MovieAddicted is simple and free. You can sign up for MovieAddicted either filling the registration form (1) or by using your Facebook account. If you already have a Facebook account, click on the blue button "Login with Facebook"(2) and after inserting your Facebook login credentials your account will be create.

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Q: How can I customize my profile?

A: If your account has been registered using MovieAddicted, you can submit the required information about yourself during the registration process (or later too). In case you’ve registered using your Facebook login (and in any other case) you can edit your account just by clicking on the "edit" tab located at the top of your personal profile page (accessible by clicking on "My Account" at the top of every page of the site), after that, two tabs will be available: the first one named "Account" permits you to modify the following items: password, avatar, e-mail address, settings for localization and private messages. The second tab "User Info" can be used in order to enter personal information.

Q: How to search for other members profiles?

A: First method: clicking on "Members" in main menu under the voice "community" and typing in the form the name of the member you are looking for. The autocompletion function will help you in finding it. Second method: type directly the user name into the website main search form (the same one used to find movies) and then press enter. As a result, there will be displayed two tabs, click on the tab named "users" and then you’ll obtain the search results.

Q: how can I interact with other users?

A: Using the private chat (displayed in the lower right corner), using our irc channel, using private messages (you can find the link to send them on users' profiles and below users' posts/reviews) and of course using our forum located at Forum. There's also a wall accassible at your personal profile page and where you can post status messages that will be visible to all your friend and where you can see their status messages as well

Q: How can I ask a user to become my friend?

A: Just clicking the link "Become user's friend" on his profile page. Your friendship request will be send to the user who will be free to accept or reject it.

Q: A user annoys me with unwanted private messages, how can I stop him/her?

A: After clicking on the subject of a private message to read it, you'll see two links at the top: "delete" and "block". Clicking on the "block" link, you will prevent the user from sending you private messages in the future. Higher up there is also a tab called "Blocked users", clicking on it you will see a list of users that you have blocked and eventually unblock them.

Q: How to search for movies on the site?

A: To search a movie use the main search form (you can find it at the top left on every page of the site) and type the movie title or a part of it. The autocompletion function will help you in finding it. If the autocompletion widget fails to find the movie because the keywords are too common, then just hit "enter" or click on the search button, and a full search with plenty of results will be performed. To search for a whole filmography by a director, by an actor or to search for all movies of a specific year/genre, we have an advanced filmography search located ay "Filmographies" in the main menu. Put your filter in the appropriate input box, the Autocompletion automatically will help you in your selection, and when you find the name you are looking for, click on the button "Apply"

Q: I would like to rate/review a movie/TV series or adding a movie to my favourite list in my profile or to a thematic list, but unfortunately the movie is not on this site, can I request it?

A: No problem! Click on one of the submenu "Request a movie"/"Request a TV series" Under the voice "Requests" in main menu, we will add it as soon as possible. If you want request an entire filmography, after verifying that it's missing on the site, click on "Request a filmography" (always in the same sub-menu) and we will endeavor to insert all movies of that director.

Q: How to rate/review movies/TV series?

A: At the bottom of the movie page click the button "Rate/Review this movie/TV series" and you'll be guided to the form to rate/review the movie/TV series.

Q: I changed my mind about a movie. Can i modify my rate/review?

A: Sure! just click on the same "Rate/Review this movie/TV series" button and you'll be taken to the form to edit your old rating/review

Q: where I can find all my reviews and those of my friends and search through them?

A: On profile pages, clicking on "Movies/TV series reviews" tab, you will find the complete list of the reviews written by the profile's owner. This list is sortable by: movie titles (alphabetical order), votes or the dates on which the reviews was written (default order).

Q: I'm afraid that if something bad will happen to the site or my profile, all my reviews so laboriously written will be lost.

A: Don't worry! at any time you can export all your reviews with a simple click and keep them safe or publish them elsewhere. At the bottom of your reviews list there are two buttons: "XLS" and "DOC". By clicking on them the list will be saved in Word or Excel format.


We want our community to be as free and independent as possible, but in any community rules are necessary for a peaceful coexistence. Please observe these simple rules:

  1. Respect other users, don't offend people, don't use vulgar expressions or expressions that may offend the feelings of others.
  2. Always keep the discussions and comparisons at a civil level and avoid personal attacks. Remember that everyone has the right to express his opinion even if you don't agree with it.
  3. Don't spam, and don't post links to illegal stuff or to contents protected by copyright.
  4. Use private messages and private chat to discuss private matters.
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