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Review by HALfie


“The Ugly Swans” is a movie based on the Strugatsky brother’s novel, directed by Kostantin Lopushansky already known for the former movie “Dead Man's Letters" where Lopushansky describes dying worlds also using some reminds to Tarkovskij.

The “Ugly Swans” are a new mankind that can survive further the destruction of the humanity, they make questions that can only be satisfied by an higher spiritual condition.

Are new people an anomaly to fight against or are they a chance to evolve towards a better world?

They will be rescued but they’ll never survive to the rescue attempt, like transplanting a flower from a planet to another one.

Movie depicts an horrible beauty constantly immersed in a permanent red halo and under the incessant rain, that will accompany the growing of "pupils" until their capture. 

Lopushansky’s recurring theme is still the deep presentiment of the expected Apocalypse and the lack of hopes, even though he's convinced about the double role of future generations: lives to be saved and the saviours, at same time.

Although this movie can’t reach the intensity and the artistic level of the previous “Dead Man’s Letters”, it remains an interesting sample of Lopushansky's aesthetic style.

"After all, tomorrow is another day!"
Gone With the Wind, 1939