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Review by HALfie


Taboo is a TV series set in 1814 London that describes a fascinating historical costume drama immersed in a dark atmosphere, but It would be over-simplifying telling that’s just  an intriguing storytelling supported by a great scenography and acting because all the elements really work well together, compelling the viewer's attention from the beginning to the ending.

A special mention goes to the magnetic main character James Delaney magnificently starred by T. Hardy,  he seems straightly out of  Bronte’s novel with his rage and brutal violence, and this ability hooks the viewer all the time he appears on the screen.

Without any doubt, his script is well detailed and brilliant even he reminds Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights) a little bit and the an African savage at the same time. 

All the characters are consistent and well drawn letting that the series maintains a satisfactory pace and thrilling sensations, keeping the viewer’s interest at maximum level during all the episodes.

A pinch of supernatural touch makes the drama fascinating and exotic.

"They're here!"
Poltergeist, 1982