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Review by HALfie


Is it an ambitious movie about the future scenario of the cinema or just a prediction about technology and identity or both of them?

The filmmaker Ari Folman already famous for “Waltz with Bashir” lets audience astonished jumping among action live scenes and animation.

It’s not just an experimental movie, it’s a challenging way to manipolate images and concepts to demonstrate some theory about losing identity control.

Plot seems to be overloaded with too many good ideas that make the viewer lost.

 For an audience not used to “animation” it is quite difficult  merging animation and action live at same time,  two different styles that doesn’t seem so well linked.

Once again Ari Folman ‘s recurring theme is still the “repression of the memory” or simply forgetting the past, confirming an ecletict ability in directing films inspired to a specific subject  avoiding to be boring and repetitive.

"I'm going to make him an offer he can't refuse."
The Godfather, 1972