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Ethics, action and drama wisely directed. Time well spent.

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The student uses the story of a deep teenage crisis as a metaphor for telling how religious fanaticism creeps into society and uses the faith as an excuse and justification to claim privileges and to take advantage of other people, especially the weaker ones.
A society that often, instead...

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The first and the most accurate of the post-apocalyptic movies based on the novel I Am legend. The whole film is drenched with sadness and pessimism, thanks to the performance of Vincent Price and to the alienating scenarios of a desert Rome (mostly the EUR district).

Those who...

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With some exceptions, movies where the aliens suddenly invade the earth, are a bit naive in the present days as well as missing any trace of scientific plausibility.

The opening of the film Arrival, belongs to this category, but soon, it evolves into something different and partially...

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The end of a relationship drives a man to think up an original plan to accomplish his revenge.
Edward, an aspiring writer with great sensitivity but, according to his ex-wife, poor of other qualities (she likes another man), makes use of his skills and feelings to take revenge on his wife's...

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Pinocchio in cyberpunk sauce. One of the weirdest movies you will ever watch.

10/03/2016 - 13:35        Read more

This costume drama packed with a lot of british humor, is definitely minor work of the great director.
The female lead character, is, a usual, over the top and charming.
Many of the characters are ambiguos and they they swap the roles of good and bad or offender and lawman, along the...

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A gripping trhriller which focuses on psychology.
The guilt complex, the interpretation of dreams and the female mind, are the topics that will accompany the narration, not without plot's twists and throwing off track the viewer, as expected by the master.
The whole thing, seasoned...

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Despite the low budget, it is well done.
A work that is fun and make you think at the same time.
What has really changed in the last seventy years? What have we learned in the meantime?
If at one time  he charmed the crowds, could he succeeds again?

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Rather than a remake, this seems a parody.
A really bad script, in which, senseless scenes, alternates to embarrassing dialogues for the entire duration of the film.
Even the extreme sports scenes, which could be the only interesting thing, as spectacular, are not made very well.

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So far, the first season of this anthology series, which has some nice connections with the Coen brothers movie, is a masterpiece in the world of TV series. 

Each character, even minor ones, is perfectly written, with a remarkable personality and supercool, the plot is unpredictable and...

02/17/2015 - 09:51        Read more
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