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Suitable for entertainment purpose,  to please a big audience.

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Too much balanced between irony and fight for freedom of expression, this movie puts more emphasis on the quiet protest despite the hidden anger letting the spectator doubting that  it's all a joke.

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A not pretentious movie that analyzes in a very simple way the current scenario where ISIS is spreading even violating the Koranic law and local traditions.

The use of an incisive photography strengthens the structure of the whole film.

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A must see.

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Ironically depicting the changes of the Italian mindset in the 60's, "Il sorpasso" is a milestone of the Italian cinematic history and Vittorio Gassman as a main character once again proves to be the great actor that represents the typical Italian way of life of that time, adding a pinch of...

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What’s more fascinating?

The triviality of the evil or the “mise en scene” of the disturbing truth? Or both of them?

The concept behind this docu-film is simply absurd but perfectly working: “please can you reenact atrocities you have committed”?

“The Act of  Killing” is a...

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Although there is no a unique interpretation,  the concept of Gift and Sacrifice pervades the Tarkovskij’s last movie.

Clearly inspired by the Shakespear’s Hamlet and also the story of Abraham’s sacrifice, this movie is a clear condemnation to the materialism.

In a bid to avoid the...

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It's definitely a disappointing remake.


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One of the most post apocalyptic deserts and a very accurate photography are the best aspects of the movie that "just "roars"   but it doesn't go further; however it's worth  for entertainment.

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