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Literally, “Faults” is an unexpected role game.

Remarkable acting and a good screenplay make this movie a winning debut of  the director Riley Sterns.

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Interesting movie, not for all

04/05/2015 - 05:44        Read more

Simply gorgeus

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A kaleidoscopic mix of images, fun ideas and metaphors about the cruel advertising world enriched of reminds to Kubrick, Malick and so on. Even so, this movie is too long and too dispersive to be definitely appreciated.

It’s just a melting pot of too many concepts not focused and not well...

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“The Ugly Swans” is a movie based on the Strugatsky brother’s novel, directed by Kostantin Lopushansky already known for the former movie “Dead Man's Letters" where Lopushansky describes dying worlds also using some reminds to Tarkovskij.

The “Ugly Swans” are a new mankind that...

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...To those who think: "Good directors are not women"...

This isn't a masterpiece, but it's much better than others.


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Rarely a remake is better than the original one, but it can happen.

“Alfie” (2004) is a bittersweet movie about a young bachelor who believes to play with the life but eventually he realizes that his “winning scheme” fails miserably.

The pleasant rhythm and jude Law’s brilliant...

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A must see.

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It's an interesting movie although rhythm is very slow and contemplative.

Dialogues reveals the reality of the human condition through provocation, adding a touch of inner introspection.

03/06/2015 - 04:54        Read more


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